[UPDATE] Android Robot Live Wallpaper

Another massive update to our released Android Robot Live Wallpaper. This Androbot just getting awesome with our newest feature such as Custom background, Throwing apple mode, Background Pattern, and more animation.
Check out the newest version on Google Play: Android Robot Live Wallpaper
We also update the free version: Android Robot LWP Free

Android app on Google Play

In fact there are several update have been done, so this is the round up of all update:

Version 2.3
※ [NEW] Background pattern (polka dot, chess, diagonal line, star, heart, android robot)
※ Several bugs fixed

Version 2.2
※ [NEW] Custom background (with parallax effect)
※ Improved random algorithm

Version 2.1
※ [NEW] Tap anywhere on screen to throw apple, watch android robot become ninja and destroy it
※ [NEW] Shaking mode. Android robot will respond when you shake your phone
※ Added new touch animation

You can check out the screenshot on Android Robot Live Wallpaper.

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