[UPDATE] Wonderland Live Wallpaper - Christmas Theme

Christmas is coming! Ever wonder is there a Christmas in Wonderland? Of course there is Christmas on Wonderland, at least on Wonderland Live Wallpaper. On this update, we added Christmas theme with beautiful snow fall effect.

Check out on Google Play: Wonderland Live Wallpaper

[UPDATE] Dancing Penguin Live Wallpaper

Piiko is ready for Christmas! Two weeks ago we added snow fall effect on our Dancing Penguin Live Wallpaper. And today we add more stuff to help you prepare for Christmas. Now there is a Santa flying across the night sky. Just set your live wallpaper to night background and wait for Santa appear on sky. Enjoy it :)

Check out on Google Play: Dancing Penguin Live Wallpaper

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[UPDATE] Fixed Force Close Problem on all of Our Live Wallpaper

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We have been received quite lot of user feedback about force closing problem on some high end devices. So we work very hard to check our code and found out we make some mistake that causing the error. Today we are updating all of our live wallpaper to fix this problem. Now, our live wallpaper (Androbot, Dancing Penguin, Dancing Cat, Wonderland) should work properly on all devices. Both the paid and free version get this update. Sorry for the inconvenience, particularly for some Samsung Galaxy S III users. Hope you enjoy it.


[NEW] Wonderland Live Wallpaper

People love awesome scenery wallpaper, we know it. So we create this beautiful wonderland live wallpaper. It's takes us quite a long time to create this one. But its worth it. Beautiful scene, unique creature, and lots of sky pattern to choose, all come with full interactive animation.
Check out on Google Play: Wonderland Live Wallpaper
Free version with limited features: Wonderland LWP Free

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[UPDATE] Dancing Penguin Live Wallpaper - Snow Effect

Christmas is coming and we are helping you to prepare earlier. We added a beautiful realistic snow fall effect for Dancing Penguin Live Wallpaper. There is a setting for enable/disable this effect. Along with this update, we also optimize our application for better perfomance and fixed some bugs.
Check out on Google Play: Dancing Penguin Live Wallpaper

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[LITTLE ANNOUNCEMENT] Download Milestone

It's have been a great week for Cilo, Piiko, and Androbot. While Cilo managed to achieve 1000+ download milestone just in 2 weeks after 1st launch, Piiko and Androbot did it faster. Androbot 10 days and Piiko 7 days. Quite impressive.  To celebrate this download milestone, we are now testing on our newest feature for those 3 live wallpaper. More cute and awesome feature is on the way to your smartphone. Stay tune for our next update.


[UPDATE] Android Robot Live Wallpaper

Another massive update to our released Android Robot Live Wallpaper. This Androbot just getting awesome with our newest feature such as Custom background, Throwing apple mode, Background Pattern, and more animation.
Check out the newest version on Google Play: Android Robot Live Wallpaper
We also update the free version: Android Robot LWP Free

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[NEW] Dancing Penguin Live Wallpaper

Hullaaaa..meet Piiko, our newest and cutest ever penguin on android play store. Let this cute and adorable penguin show you some trick and bring you some fun.
Check out on Google Play: Dancing Penguin Live Wallpaper
Try the free version: Dancing Penguin LWP Free

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[UPDATE] Dancing Cat Live Wallpaper

While we are on the run to bring you more new cool and cute live wallpaper, we still manage to regularly update our released product. So now, we have added some new feature to our Dancing Cat Live Wallpaper and also upgrade the free version

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Android Robot Live Wallpaper

Yeeeah, we are very productive. Just in one week after we launch our first product and sidekick product, now we are proudly present to you our newest Android Robot Live Wallpaper.
Check out on Google Play: Android Robot Live Wallpaper
Also the free version: Android Robot LWP Free

Nyan Cat Live Wallpaper

Just for fun, we also launch a super lightweight Nyan Cat Live Wallpaper. We know there are many nyan cat live wallpaper on play store. But so far, this live wallpaper is the smallest one in term of application size. Unlike other, this one also doesn't need any permission. So have fun and let's nyan!
Check out on Google Play: Nyan Cat Live Wallpaper

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