[NEW] Dancing Penguin Live Wallpaper

Hullaaaa..meet Piiko, our newest and cutest ever penguin on android play store. Let this cute and adorable penguin show you some trick and bring you some fun.
Check out on Google Play: Dancing Penguin Live Wallpaper
Try the free version: Dancing Penguin LWP Free

Android app on Google Play


Meet Piiko, a cute penguin wandering around and dancing in your home screen. Piiko is an imaginary penguin which is very cute and lives on the mobile phones and tablets.

Tap on Piiko on the screen and He will reacts. He can dance (Gangnam style and more), running, jumping, sliding, throwing snow ball and do so many other cute reactions.

You also can tap anywhere on the screen to give Piiko a snack and shake your phone and piiko will get confused.

Piiko also responding to various battery level. He can't do the dance if he low on energy. Charge your phone to feed him.

To open and setting up your live wallpaper: Home-> Press menu-> wallpapers-> Live Wallpapers.

※ Various battery state animation
※ Various touch animation
※ Various background
※ Smooth animation
※ MoveToSD support
※ Portrait and Landscape orientation support
※ Small memory usage
※ Small battery usage
※ Enable/Disable Touch
※ Enable/Disable Sound [Full version]
※ Feeding mode, tap anywhere on the screen to give Piiko a snack [Full version]
※ Custom Background [Full version]

Buy the full version to unlock Piiko's true potential.
★ More interactive animation
★ Feeding mode
★ Custom Background
★ No full version advertisement action


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